Friday, February 10, 2012

Tiki-Tock Goes the Cocktail Clock

Ah, Tiki drinks....For some we imagine ourselves on a sandy white beach on an island paradise that we can't pronounce.  Toes in the sand, a cool breeze blowing and a refreshing exotic fruit beverage in our hand adorned with pineapples and cute little umbrellas...For others, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth (literally) from consuming what that cheesy smiling bartender in a bad flower shirt served them, having the nerve of calling it a "Mai Tai", at some bamboo shack with neon Corona signs and wooden parrots hanging from the ceiling every 10 feet and the same 5 ukulele songs set on repeat....  Seriously, when is the last time you can really recall having a "Tiki" cocktail that didn't just taste like tons of pineapple juice, fake grenadine and cheap artificially fruit flavored rum?  I thought so.  Well, we are going to resurrect the ancient ritual of Tiki mixology, long lost to mediocre bartenders and the fascist rule of pseudo Tiki lounges slanging