Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Extreme Makeover Part 2: Rusty Nail

One of my favorite and most under appreciated cocktails that deserves a second thought is the classic Rusty Nail, a simple concoction of blended scotch and a scotch based liqueur, Drambuie.  According to David Wondrich, like most cocktails the true origins of the Rusty Nail lie in obscurity.  He alludes to the cocktail's humble beginnings in 1937 starting with a B.I.F (which stood for British Industries Fair) created by one F. Benjamin which called for 3 parts spirit to 1 part Drambuie and a dash of Angostura bitters.  Sometime later, the swanky Little Club No. 1 served it much in the form as it is today, as a D&S.  It wouldn't be until the late 1960's that it found it's current namesake mentioned in The New York Times, which definitely helped spread the word and gain real notice. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outside In

I have to say, this month's theme for MxMo LXX: "Inverted", has probably been the most unique one since I've joined this monthly cocktail party.  Steve Putney over at Putney Farms has challenged us to do some outside the box thinking on our normal approach to cocktail crafting.  Here's what Steve has to say about his chosen theme:

"A while ago, while researching Julia Child’s recipes, we noticed that she was well-known for enjoying “upside-down” or “inverted” Martinis. This is a version of the classic cocktail that swaps the ratios of gin and vermouth, turning the Martini into something of a “long drink”… We wondered if we could apply the same “inverted” approach to Mixology Monday and, at first, didn’t think it

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Italian Inspired, Washington Made: broVo Amaro Release Party

A few weeks ago a local Washington distiller, broVo Spirits, had a release party for their limited edition new line up of Italian inspired amari using local rhubarb as the base. This project has not only gotten local mixologists and bars excited about the chance to utilize bitter style liqueurs hand produced here in Washington, but also that each of the 7 styles initially produced were all created by Seattle mixologists. I had the honor of being selected by co-founders Mhairi Voelsgen and Erin Brophy to create my own style of amaro for their company. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to